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Rijeka Development Agency Porin, Milutina Barača 62 – Rijeka, Croatia

Matchmaking Event

The first out of three events that will be organized by the PoWER Consortium.

The PoWER events are crucial moments to start-up and consolidate relationships among the numerous actors of the innovation value chain that the project aims to reconnect.

Four main sessions are scheduled:

The Demo

Six start-ups belonging to the Rijeka Development Agency Porin incubator – whose work and mission are relevant to the PoWER project and of the Working Seminar topics – have been selected to introduce themselves to the audience.

Three-minutes pitches by the entrepreneurs who won the PoWER Call for Solutions will follow.

The exhibition

A dedicated space to display the PoWER approach and results achieved so far.

Participants will walk through a path describing the six project pilot cases, their needs emerged through a data gathering and smartness assessment analysis carried out within the project and the solutions to these needs gathered at transnational level thanks to a Call for Solutions organized by the PoWER Consortium.

The Working Seminar

Structured in two sessions, it will give the chance to relevant stakeholders, especially Port Authorities of the Adriatic Sea, to discuss specific port-related topics, offering a panel of multifaceted, though complementary, perspectives.

This is the chance to better understand the intrinsic features, issues, as well as potential, of the Adriatic-Ionian Ports.

The Matchmaking sessions

Full-fledged vis-à-vis networking sessions will be the time for the actors of port’s innovation supply chain to finally get in touch and discuss in person the possible exploitation of solutions and ideas brought up by the project, to investigate new ones and to get new contacts among the stakeholders gravitating around the ports’ environment, both at the local and the transnational level.

The Gaming Sessions evaluation

The day will open with the transnational evaluation of the entrepreneurial ideas produced by high school and university students to address the needs emerged from the ports’ data analysis and energy assessment. The best ideas will be officially awarded during the next meeting in Novi Sad and will enter the PoWER Ideas & Solutions Data base.

The evaluation session wont' be open to public, but guests can join for the announcement and presentation of the winning ideas.

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